The famous Huligemma Devi Temple is located in Huligi village near to Munirabad Town in Koppal District of Karnataka state India. The huligemma devi temple is on the bank of river Tungabharda and about 25 kms from Koppal , 120 km from Badami and 15 kms from Hospet . Goddess  is a very powerful deity with many believers and followers . The place is very nice and calm. A must visit place for everyone.

Inside the temple In front of the temple, there are shrines of Mathangi, Parashuram, Subramanya, Parvati, Ganapati and Navagraha. The Huligemma Devi Temple dates back to the 13th century and the goddess Renuka Kambha is a tiger mum to fulfill the desires of two devotees, Nagajogi and Basavajogi. According to carvings in the temple, the temple was gifted to Chaturvedi Bhatt by a Chalukya king, Vikramaditya VI. In front of the temple is a 25 ft high flag and the annual fair held every year.

Huligemma Devi There are many programs and pujas, such as kankanarmani, akkipady, maharathotsavam, ganga devi puja, prasada delivery to sridevi, ascending banana, paayasa agnikunda, kundada pooja, hididakshine. Devotees in millions take part in the festival of the Goddess.

Mythical story There is a mythical story related to the Huligemma temple. Several years ago there were sisters named Nagajogi and Basava Jogi at a place called Hulagi. Both the sisters were  devotees of goddess Savadatti Yallamma and they used visit to Savadatti on every full moon to receive a darshan of the goddess yellamma devi. Once heavy rain started on their way to savadatti . The day was a full moon day.Due to heavy rain they were unable to go and  Savadatti Yallamma’s darshan was not be possible. Then the sisters meditate and pray the goddess along the way. Appreciating their devotion, Yallamma Devi appeared and told that she will settle in huligi town. Thus the goddess settled in the town and the town name became Huligi.

Huligemma Devi Temple History: You will find four round stones of different sizes with different weights. The devotees can select one stone and need to lift the stone with pray/wish. If you lift the stone with a prayer and wish it’s believed that Goddess Huligemma devi will grant your wish.

Huligemma Devi Temple Timings: The temple is open from 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM. Rush will be there on Tuesday and Friday.

Annual Festival: The annual festival of goddess Huligemma is a large fair and is held here every year for nine days after the full moon. Devotees arrive from Koppal as well as many other districts of Karnataka state and other states. A large number of devotees from Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and Maharashtra will come to this place to get darshanam and blessings of Huligemma devi.

Where to stay: There’re are facility for halts rooms are also there good and holy place for performing religious functions

Things to do:

  • Get darshanam of goddess Huligemma Devi,
  • Get darshanam of other small temples within the temple premsies,
  • Visit the tungabhdra river,
  • Shop on the small stores available,
  • Have anna prasadam (check availability),
  • Get seva list coupons at the temple office counter,
  •  Purchase temple history book at the office,

How to reach : – Trains are available from Hospet. Train from Hospet to Munirabad will take 10 mins. It is 25 km from Koppal and 20 km from Hosapet. The Hulikamma Temple can be reached by road and rail. Bus services are available from all nearby towns and cities.  The nearest railway station is Munirabad and the nearest railway junction is Hosapet Junction. 75 km from Bellary.

By Air-The nearest airports is  Jindal Vijaynagar Airport (72.3Km) and Hubli Airport (123.4Km).

By Train- Nearest Railway stations are Hospet, Munirabad, Koppal.

By Road- Two important National Highways NH50, NH67 and Four State Highways SH36,SH130,SH59,SH63 intersect at Koppal.

Other places to see:-I have visited this temple while travelling to Anegundi. It is a nice temple.

Huligemma Devi Temple Contact: Huligemma devi temple contact number: is 9483216222